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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scary Raniban

The Picture above is taken at daytime, because nobody dares to go there at night time.
It is said that some unusual sounds are heard at the night time, some even say that they frequently hear a woman crying but when they go and look, they find nothing. It might be linked to the previous incident which had taken place here.

According to police, a girl was raped and murdered there, after the 2 days of incident the murderer was found hanged on the same tree(Pic Above).

We didn't believe it, but when we were on the way to the jungle to take some pic , the locals forbade us to go there, and they might not take any responsibility if something unexpected happens.But we were wrong and they were right. we experience the same kind of things they had told and even heard some strange sounds, and we could not move our feet forward so we returned back.

Its hard to believe, but it's true.
More Pictures:-


Anonymous said...

I grew up around that area and never heard about the thing u r talking about

Anonymous said...

Hey Anujz, R u some kinda ghost researcher or what. Why dont u get some pictures of sprits too. That would make more sense to what u r explaining.
However keep the good job buddy.

Anonymous said...

hi friends my name is james. I'm also don't belive in ghost but oneday i saw a ghost in my room. Ghost have no head i'm so scared but it's control when i have start to pray. So friend in this world there is haunted house n haunted place. Actually freinds i want to know about this place. where it is ? In which place?

Saphal Shrestha said...

Ya its true that more than 100 women are raped and murdered in this place. i.e. Raniban, which is the way to Jamacho Temple. The temple is situated at the tip of the nagarjun jungle (Raniban). But i don't think that there are ghosts.

Anonymous said...

Plz come in lahan khanxa dai iz ghost ..chatpate wala dai it iz dengarous,really haven lahan 6 iz a very dangorous place..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pictures are very scary bt nobody knows what really happen in raniban.

Anonymous said...

Sambhidhan Sabha is a scary place with full of 601 ghosts... Nonsense! No other place is scary than sambhidhan sabha.

shrestha bikesh said...

in a broad day light ghost don appear